Sedona Swirl Pottery

Sedona Swirl Pottery, captures the raw beauty of not only Sedona, but the entire southwest landscape of red and white rocks. Sedona Swirl Pottery, the vortex inspired art pottery that is hand crafted in Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Pottery Lovers . . .

are discovering the memorizing display of red and white colors twisted in true vortex fashion. Each piece a work of art, unique and intriguing. 

There's an Energy

that glistens and shimmers as it radiates sunlight from its surface. Let the sun hit the swirl and watch as the dance of lights begin. 

Swirl Pottery In Sedona

Sedona Swirl Pottery can also be purchased directly at the local Sedona Artist Market Gallery

and also at the Hummingbird House (historic Hart Store in Art Gallery Row). 

We are now available at the David J. West Gallery near Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah.

With a wide selection of Sedona Swirl

in the Sedona Artist Market Gallery your sure to discover a piece that reminds you of this special place called Sedona, Arizona.

This art pottery deserves a special place

within Sedona, like the Hummingbird House. Built in 1926, it was Sedona's first retail store. It's a great home décor boutique store!


West Sedona Gallery 

Sedona Swirl Pottery can be purchased directly from the gallery in West Sedona.


We have a display of vases, bowls, mugs small cups; all one of a kind, featuring our unique Sedona Swirl design. 

Warning: the display can be mesmerizing and could result in a sudden urge to make a unexplained purchase! 

Come see the radiant energetic pottery that's calling Sedona home, and bring some home with you as well.

Hummingbird House

Antique's - Home Décor Accents - Art - Health

Hummingbird House Sedona located in the Historic Hart Store on Brewer Road is on the National Register of Historic Places.


With a nod to it’s past, the many rooms of this charming house are decorated top to bottom with giftable items creatively displayed in one of the many ‘themed’ rooms – including garden & patio, art & antiques, home decor, bath & body, baby & children, kitchen & pantry. 

Please stop in and say “hi.” The Hummingbird Staff loves Sedona and sharing our story and experience with you.

The Hummingbird House - Sedona

zion photography west galleryB.jpg

Zion Pottery

Red and white clay swirls that captivate our imagination of a special place called Zion.

Sedona Swirl Pottery is at the well known David J. West art gallery located in Springdale Utah. 

David J. West is one of Zion's amazing and faithful photographers, capturing the many moods of this serene national park. 

Following in his fathers footsteps of a professional photographer, David's passion for his surroundings is evident in his images that fill his gallery. 

"By merely stepping into David's gallery, it's as if you are at the best places in Zion Park, at the best times." JP Arrigoni