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Gallery Locations

Our galleries are open seven days a week all year long.. We invite you to experience something truly unique and beautiful as we have created galleries that honor the spectacular beauty of a magical place known as Sedona, Arizona.

From red and white layered rocks to mystical vortex energies that abound all throughout Sedona, all of it, we try to capture in our well curated galleries.

Come experience our wonderful spaces that we have created and take a journey with us as we attempt to honor the incredible natural beauty of this area with all we offer.


Sedona Art Gallery Row

Our flagship gallery situated in the heart of Gallery Row, Sedona, Arizona offers larger pieces, home décor and lighting along with other up scale works of art from local artists.

431 State Route 179

Suite  A3

Sedona Arizona

Resized_20240214_162746_8430 (1).jpg

Uptown Sedona Art Gallery

Our first gallery; a fun, bright and fresh space with a good vibe, located in the center of the Uptown shopping area of Sedona. Here we offer everything from tiny to medium sized pieces of Sedona Swirl. We also have a small yet wonderful selection of locally made jewelry!

293  N.  State Route 89A

Sedona Arizona

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