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Swirl Pottery can be as simple as merging two lumps of left over clay to usually create a small cup or miniature vase. We typically do not see larger vessels crafted using this process due to the unpredictability of different clay bodies when mixed together.

If certain precautions aren’t taken during the early stages of the creation process, disaster will in many cases make its presence known in unexpected ways. But the dangers don’t stop there; from mixing to firing the clay, less than desirable outcomes can emerge from nowhere.

Air bubbles in the mixed clay bodies will normally end the creation process after the first Swirl Pottery firing. The rule goes like this, the bigger the piece, the more chances of air bubbles that result in mini explosions once the kiln hits the six hundred degree mark or higher temperature. The dull but loud thud is a disheartening noise when the Swirl Pottery blows up.

Swirl Pottery in Sedona


Swirl Pottery when done with intention can create beautiful swirling patterns and intriguing designs. Swirl Pottery visually embodies the vortex, like the ones made popular within the Sedona area. We create each piece of Sedona Swirl Pottery with the very same energies of the red and white rocks that surround Sedona. So if there are mystical vortex energies at work in Sedona, our art is imbued with their magical powers.

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