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The Artists

Debby & Jeffrey Arrigoni are the creators of Sedona Swirl Pottery. They started the journey back in 2015 from a small studio located in the back of their garage. After working her entire life in the corporate world, Debby at 53, started experimenting with clay and a potters wheel. She discovered a profound joy, one that eluded her most of her professional work life. It was this newly discovered passion that became the foundation to what would be the beginning of Sedona Swirl.


Eight years later she still creates non-stop, seven days a week, often twelve to fourteen hours a day. Even more inspirational is that Debby is a100% self-taught artist, fueled by passion and a never ending quest to become a better artist than she was the day before. 

Her husband Jeff created the name Sedona Swirl, a name that soon became the most beloved art-pottery in Sedona. Through marketing and running the gallery, Jeff along with Debby, formed the perfect partnership and balance needed to keep the Swirl going. He also operates the kilns, does all of the finish/surface glazing to every single piece of Swirl created by Debby. We joke around with the saying; she makes, and he bakes, but its true, the division of labor keeps us on our toes and enjoying every minute of creating Sedona Swirl. 

We are firm supporters of the local Sedona art community. We try to give back in many ways; from taking on interns to work with us from the Flagstaff University of Northern Arizona to being a very vocal advocates of Sedona's best artists co-op that supports over 150 local artists! We sponsor local artists of every medium and style of art, we love art.

Lastly, you should know, we are not only camera shy, but we're very humble artists. We feel that the art we create speaks for itself, the passion we pour into each and every piece is there for all to see. We just enjoy creating something that everyone can appreciate and more importantly . . . afford. We create mini vases that sell exclusively in the galleries for under $40. We also create large pieces that can run up to $2000. However, typically most pieces are sold in the $50 to $150 range. With such a wide range of prices your sure to find that special one-of-a-kind work of art hand crafted right here in the heart of Sedona, Arizona. 

sedona swirl pottery aa.jpg

Support Local Artists

Because when you do, you're enriching the lives around you, and not just the artists, but everyone who enjoys art from young to old. Without art, we lack a form of self identity that has been with us since humans were able to drawl on rocks and cave walls thousands of years ago. Art is the ultimate form of human expression.

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